Becoming a Scrabble Whiz Today

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Scrabble could be just a mere game for some but for others, it is a serious feat of life and death, for their gaming bravado, at least. Getting addicted to this game is quite normal as it offers challenges that would surely blow your mind. Some great Word tips to ace your game are available anywhere you go online especially in Scrabble forums and discussions. You can also check out blogs that offer insider secrets of the trade. No matter what source you use, learning and mastery of the game of Scrabble are definitely worth your time.

Becoming a Scrabble Whiz Tip #1: Know the Scrabble Bible

It’s more like the Scrabble dictionary but for enthusiasts, it is more than just an ordinary book. You can find special edition books on the Internet or simply use the dictionary and mark all the highfalutin words you can find in order to boost your word bank and vocabulary. Learn the words that are in the list of the Official Tournament and Club Word List such as Hordeola, Xyster, and Exequy.

Becoming a Scrabble Whiz Tip #2: Know the Scrabble Rules

The most helpful Scrabble cheat is not in having highly advanced word skills but in simply knowing the basic rules of the game and complying with them. You can check out the Internet Scrabble Club or the National Scrabble Association for these sets of rules and regulations. You can also stick to the basics and use the q words you know but make sure to expand your word bank each and every day.

Scrabble help and strategies are accessible on the Internet or you can order or research for books and manuals that have the most extensive contents. Scrabble is not just a game. It is a venue to explore the power of the human mind in vocabulary prowess.


April 2nd, 2018 by admin


Scrabble will teach you something new each time you sit down for a game with your friend, family member or a random dude you met online. Winning at Scrabble is easy while you are playing against a novice or a somewhat experienced player but things can go really erratic if you come up against an experienced player. We will discuss a few styles of play that will add a little panache to how you Scrabble.


One of the worst things you could do when pitched against a better player is to adopt a defensive approach or play like a Scrabble cheat who blocks everything. No matter what you do, do not lose your cool. Just focus on the word tips you went through before and keep all the key points of the game in mind. An aggressive approach to the game will let your opponent know you are ready for a fight and would not back down easy from a challenge.


A lot of players out there are unaware of the fact that using all words available on your rack entitles you to a 50-point incentive in the game. Plan ahead in the game and use your S, E and blank tiles wisely. Conjure up a lot of those two or three letter words and you will see you rack growing shorter and easier to manage. Some games can actually go down to the wire and championships have been won by getting a last gasp BINGO score. You can check out some Scrabble help websites to learn more efficient ways of getting a BINGO in the game.


Moving common ending words (ing, ed) to the right side of the rack and common beginning words (re, un, ir) to the left side of the rack can help you explore more word possibilities in your head. It is way easier for your brain to juggle with 4-5 words at a time than worrying about all seven words.

Along with these tips, you can further enrich your vocabulary with new words on a daily basis with the Scrabble word finder.

How to improve your scores in scrabble

April 2nd, 2018 by admin


Getting higher scores in scrabble without Scrabble help or Scrabble cheat can prove to people that you got a good vocabulary. With some steps, it is likely to drastically increase your score in scrabble. Study the two-letter words

They are the “bond” of scrabble. Some two-letter words are observable and worth good points (EX, AX). However, there are others which when played appropriately, can increase your points ( XI, XU, QI) above all if you are able to utilize the high scoring letter in 2 different words during your turn. For instance, Building off the word LABEL, one can play the word AX beneath the LA and obtain double points with the X. Know common prefixes and suffixes

Be familiar with some prefixes and suffixes such as –ED,-UN, RE-, IN-, and so on. If a word exists already on the board with a lot of points, you can influence these points by the addition of a suffix or a prefix to the existing word. Use blank tiles and S’s efficiently

An S tile should only be making use of when it adds at least 7-8 points to your scores (except you have two of them). A blank tile shouldn’t be used unless you will get an additional 25 points for using it. Attempt to place your letters for a Bingo

Playing the entire seven letters in one turn will result in 50 points, which can eventually win the game for you. For instance, making use of prefix, suffix, blank and S tiles can help you win the game. Do not hesitate to change some tiles if you are in a sturdy situation

For instance, if you have only consonants letters, it is likely you might only be able to play only one letter and there is a chance the next letter you pick will as well be a consonant. Instead of getting low scores, you can exchange some lower value letters and boost your chances for a higher scoring play. Practicing makes perfection

You should play over and over again; there is a way to play online if you cannot find an opponent. You will learn new word tips through that or with the help of Scrabble word finder